Taylored Web Sites, LLC.

Dave Taylor, Sole Proprietor.


I am a retired web developer, and I am not looking for contract work or employment. I am working on best applying my experience towards doing my bit for the world, while keeping a healthy lifestyle. I would be interested in using my expertise and skills on one or more open source projects.

Current Projects

I am currently working on a website to help people be able to build their own inexpensive Rice Huller. I will be building the rice hullers, and from that experience, plan to develop simple instructions to put on the website.

I am currently working on a website (not ready for production) to help manage a diet. This will include:

Building our own Sauna. I am making sure that in my retirement, that I am doing sufficient physical activity to maintain my health. Our current project is to build (ourselves) a regular sauna (with rocks for steam). Our goal is to have it going this winter :)

About Me

I am a seasoned web developer (developing websites since 1998, and programming since 1977) who values producing quality work. After many years developing and maintaining my own or other's websites, I have found the folowing things are important for website excellence: